When Immaculate Heart of Mary School begins its 2022-2023 academic year the new addition will still be under construction. We patiently await moving to more spacious classrooms, especially since the present building seems to shrink as it fills with desks and students! As we come closer to finishing the building, the removal of pipes and boilers is causing the facility to shuffle rooms around. Students will arrive to some changes, such as lockers in the lunchroom and digging in the front yard and parking lot.

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Despite the heat of the summer and a busy summer camp schedule, the Brothers have made impressive progress over the past months, such as putting metal roofing on the porch, installing septic tanks and beginning the retaining walls around the building. The rough plumbing, heating and HVAC units, are just about finished and the air exchange ducts are installed throughout. Kitchen exhaust hoods and duct work is moving along.

We are still waiting for the wire for the main pulls and the inside wiring is about half finished. The next step is to take out the old furnace from the original school and switch over to the new system which should be firing up mid-September! Two new 1,000-gallon propane tanks have been installed in the meantime.

One setback, though – it looks like the septic field has failed and we may have to install a whole new field! So that’s ten steps forward and two steps back. Not bad. We know that our prayers to Our Lady will not fail … and you can help her by making a donation to support the hard work of the Brothers and speed along the progress! God will bless you for whatever you can give!