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Immaculate Heart of Mary School is one of the apostolates of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (MICM) of Saint Benedict Center in Harvard, Massachusetts.

The Brothers MICM and Sisters MICM form the core faculty of the school which is focused on  providing a quality Traditional Catholic education to Grades 1-12.

We believe that a firm foundation in the faith will carry our students throughout their lives, helping them to make wise choices, keeping Christ as their guide through His Mother Mary. Good Catholics emanating from this environment will also be sources of evangelization to others.

Brother Thomas Augustine, MICM

Brother Thomas Augustine, MICM

MICM Superior & Principal

The Brothers MICM teach Grade 9–12 at IHM School.

Brothers MICM – High School

The Brothers MICM, Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary instruct and direct the High School Grades at Immaculate Heart of Mary School. A few lay teachers also assist them. They also provide catechesis for adults and a series of lectures for parents of IHM students, to assure that the school and home life are backing each other up.

In addition, the Brothers provide a Wood Shop Class for the high school boys, direct the IHM School Band, and presently coach the IHM Boys’ Basketball.

Sisters MICM – Elementary

The Sisters MICM, Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, staff the IHM Elementary School. Presently, eight Sisters teach full-time in Grades 1–8, and four teach part-time, providing 1-period classes as well as Physical Education, Art, Music, and Library.

In addition, the Sisters teach adult catechesis when the need arises, as well as a weekly CCD program for home-schooled children to help instruct and prepare First Communicants and those to be confirmed.

The Brothers MICM teach Grade 9–12 at IHM School.

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