Curriculum Overview

Our Curriculum

The emphasis of the academics at Immaculate Heart of Mary School is on eternal truths.

All studies focus and reinforce that which is learned in the Religion course.

1. Overview of Elementary School Grades 1 through 6

Study of the Catholic Faith, taught according to the appropriate grade level, covers basic prayers, catechism, the liturgy according to the Tridentine Rite, Bible and Church history, Holy Scripture, lives of the saints, Catholic morality and ethics.

Second grade students are instructed for first Holy Communion.

In addition, mathematics, phonics, spelling, English, history, social studies, geography, science, art, music, and physical education are taught.


Our Curriculum

2. Overview of Junior High Grades 7 and 8

The ordinary schedule includes six academic courses plus physical education and the option of music/band.

Religion covers the study of Holy Scripture, Church history, catechism, lives of the saints and Catholic ethics.

Immaculate Heart of Mary School
Immaculate Heart of Mary School

 Mathematics level is determined with the assistance of a placement test and recommendation from the previous mathematics teacher.

English class reinforces grammar concepts with reading short stories, poetry and assigned books, vocabulary, writing of compositions and reports.

History in 7th grade is the study of American history from the 1500s through the 1900s, and 8th grade covers the twentieth century.

Intro Latin begins in 8th grade as preparation for high school. Basic grammar, vocabulary, prayers, and conversations are studied. Students have the opportunity to participate in the National Latin Exam each spring.

Keyboarding is a valuable skill, which a student will use throughout the high school years.


Our Curriculum

3. Overview of High School Grades 9 through 12

The curriculum honors theology as the queen of the sciences and the foundation of our course of study. This four-year sequence positions students to attain their future goals and makes students aware of their responsibilities to God, family, and society. These classes play a critical role in guiding students to be good citizens, accountable for their actions and applying their talents and skills to make positive changes in the world around them.

Other areas of study include four years of English grammar, writing, and public speaking. Four years of literature expose students to critical analyses of classical and world literature, American literature, and British literature.

All students complete coursework through Algebra 2, Geometry, and either Pre-Calculus or Business Math. Three years of science are required: biology, chemistry, and physics.

Two years of Latin are required. French/Spanish is offered on an elective basis.

Social science requirements include both ancient and modern history along with world geography and cultures.

Honors courses are available in Algebra 2, American Literature, and British Literature. In 2013-14, online Advanced Placement courses were instituted in English (both Language and Literature), History (World, European, and U.S.), Math (Calculus and Statistics), and the Sciences (Computer, Environmental, and Physics) in conjunction with The Keystone School.

Musical ability is encouraged. Over 90% of the students join the marching and concert bands and compete in at least ten parades and several concerts every year.

Students who excel in their musical abilities are welcome to compete in district competitions and many continue to perform at the college level.

Interscholastic athletic opportunities exist in baseball and in basketball along with intramural sports.

Eligible students become members of our chapter of the National Honor Society in recognition of their academic excellence, leadership, character, and service. NHS members tutor their peers, visit people living in long term care settings, and organize school spirit contests.

All students in Grades 9-11 take the PSAT exam.


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