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Our Catholic School is growing!



About the Expansion Project

The recent purchase of 77 acres adjacent to IHM enables us to expand Grades 1–8!

Founded in 1976 by Brother Hugh MacIsaac in a little ranch house, for a handful of students, this small make-shift school building has grown into the present IHM facility through the hard work of the Brothers and numerous volunteers.

In the 1990’s an addition was added and a second and third floor. We were only able to accommodate 120 students, grades 1-12 until MacIsaac Hall opened across the street in 2016 for the high school students. Even though the empty classrooms left behind by the move were quickly filled, no additions to the building could be made unless we acquired more property. Enrollment left us with a waiting list with our peak capacity at 100 students in grades 1-8 and 40 in grades 9-12. Then our prayers were answered and we acquired the “valley” behind the school that enable us to finally build an addition.

Architects, surveyors and engineers have worked with the Brothers to develop a design for the new addition that will tie together the styles of both the present building and MacIsaac Hall. The facility will provide enough classroom space to seat 25 students per grade, increasing enrollment by 100 students in grades 1-8!

The community’s kitchen and refectories, which are located on the first floor of the present building, will also be moved to the new facility to accommodate new vocations. This will free up area for much needed principal’s office and nurse’s station, as well as an enlarged library and music and art rooms. A large function room in the lower level will also provide an appropriate size room for a function hall to be used for special events and Sunday coffee and donut social.

There is no doubt that there is a crisis in education, especially for Catholic families who want their children surrounded with the same morals at school that they teach at home. IHM is a true Catholic school. IHM keeps the Catholic focus. We look forward to offering this lost form of education to even more young souls! 


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Ground Breaking!

Ground Breaking!

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