Pro-Life League

Dedicated to stopping abortion through prayerful activities.

IHM Pro-Life League

The Saint John the Baptist Pro-Life League is an organization of students

 of Immaculate Heart of Mary School whose goal is to stop abortion through prayerful activities.

Each member is required to say one decade of the Rosary every day to end abortion. The League also makes and distributes Rosaries, realizing that prayer is the only power we have against the evils of abortion.

The League participates in the 40 Days for Life Campaign in the Worcester area and prays the Holy Rosary in front of local abortion mills as often as possible.

Yearly events hosted by the Pro-Life League help raise funds to cover the cost of the bus ride to Washington D.C. for the “March For Life” and also to assist local Pro-Life organizations. 

The most recent Billboard Campaigns succeeded in posting numerous Pro-Life billboards in busy areas of the city of Worcester.


Pray to end abortion!

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League News

Billboard Campaign

The league has raised funds for a number
of Pro-Life billboards to promote awareness
in the Worcester area.