IHM Band & Chorus

Music at IHM

IHM Marching Band

Directed by Br. Peter Mary, MICM, and Br. Anthony Marie, MICM, (percussion director) IHM Marching Band has been performing in local parades and competitions for over 30 years. Students in junior high are eligible to join and are urged to continue through 12th grade. Opportunities for lessons on a variety of instruments are available to students and group band practices are included in the school curriculum.

The Band marches in over a dozen parades in the Boston area during the school year and also performs an annual Spring Concert and Christmas Concert for family, friends and benefactors, as well as a number of charitable concerts for nursing homes and orphanages.

After completing six years of band (grades 7-12) an IHM Seniors will have marched in over 60 parades and performed 20 concerts! They have memorized over 15 pieces of marching music, which they have played over 1,000 times. Added to that, 75 pieces of concert music have been learned and performed in approximately 300 hours of band time …not to mention the private practice hours!

Increased musical knowledge and an emphasis on discipline in marching and performance, the band experience is an excellent “physical re-enforcement” to achieve virtue and academic excellence.

IHM Band baritones

IHM Chorus

Saint John Bosco once said that, “a school without music is like a body without a soul.”  Here at IHM elementary grades learn the rudiments of music from a young age as well as an introduction to choral skills and performance.

Students in grades 7–12 have an opportunity to continue learning and permforming at a more advanced level with chorus director, Mr. Michael Olbash.

Seasonal concerts are a great way to share their talents and spread the joy of the Faith through music and song.

“He who sings well, prays twice!” ~St. Augustine