After the Covid-year hiatus, the March for Life rally in Washington D.C. reconvened this January! Brothers, chaperones and IHM students from grades 8–12, enthusiastically boarded the bus for the long over-night ride to D.C. on the evening of January 20th. Undeterred by the fear of COVID, low temperatures, or restrictions on the unvaxed. We were the only bus from the Worcester Diocese this year!

The group attended a Traditional Latin Mass at Old Saint Mary’s Church, then visited a few sites and attended the opening speeches at noon before joining in the March. This year, although numbers were down and were estimated to be 150,000, spirits were high because many are convinced that Roe v. Wade will soon be overturned. If so, the battle will continue on the state level with many states already planning to stop abortions. It was wonderful to see so many people sacrificing to make the trip to witness to the sacredness of life! A whole new generation seems to be rising up to protect mothers from the false narrative of pro-abortionists.

The Students of Immaculate Heart of Mary School thank those who contributed this year to send them to the Right To Life March in Washington, D.C.  Whether it was by attending the Pancake Breakfast or by making an outright donation, all are very grateful for those who made this trip possible.