THANK YOU, to the generous donor who covered the cost for the Choral Risers!! God bless you!

In the 1980s IHM school performances took place in the Chapel basement where a makeshift curtain divided the “stage” from the audience. In the 1990s the school addition brought plays and concerts to Saint Agnes Hall (the school basement) where a small stage and curtain were a big improvement! Everything continued to grow and by the 2,000’s the need for our own auditorium was apparent.

Since its opening in 2016, MacIsaac Hall and Gym has added a broader horizon to the varied activities of our school! We don’t know how we ever did without it! With a real stage of our own, annual school events, performances and concerts, are so much more enjoyable!

Now we are hoping to acquire a set of choral risers to add to the presentations. Over the past few years, we have improvised, but we are hoping to have our own set to make the stage complete. The Choral Risers we hope to purchase come to $3,827. As the IHM Expansion continues, we are looking for donors to help cut the cost for the risers. Please consider making a donation to help IHM RISE!