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40 Days Campaign

40daysadWhen? September 27th—November 5th.

Where? 470 Pleasant Street, across from Planned Parenthood

Our Opening Night Candlelight Vigil will be held across the street from Planned Parenthood's 470 Pleasant Street location in Worcester. Please bring your own candle.  Wednesday, Sept 27 at 6:30 pm

You can save lives in Worcester by participating in the 40 Days for Life Campaign. Praying in public before abortion facilities has proven its effectiveness with 12,688 babies saved, 75 abortion centers closed, and 141 abortion workers who quit.

40 Days for Life is a groundbreaking, coordinated international mobilization of people praying and giving peaceful public witness. The pro-life message is taken proactively to every corner of the community during a local 40 Days for Life campaign. We pray that, with God’s help, this will mark the beginning of the end of abortion in our city — and beyond. 

For more details go to 40 Days for Life Worcester.

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