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The Tabernacle

Written by Sweeney
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tabernacle 300There is not a place on earth that should be as familiar to us as the Tabernacle. Here God dwells. In His all holy presence do we hope to spend the endless ages of our eternity. It is to be feared that some will not know how to speak to Him then. "How long have I been with you Philip, and you do not know Me," said Our Lord.

Intimacy of the soul with God would be easy if we visited Him often. You find so much time for your friends. The hours in their company count up to hundreds in the course of the year. Often unprofitable hours perhaps. Some of them perhaps even sinful and how few hours given to God.

Do not offer the objection that the time spent with Him is wearisome. It will be until you know Him. Then it will be the sweetest of your life. As a barometer registers the atmosphere so does time spent before the Tabernacle regulate's one's life. Take note of your different soul-states there. Note your uneasiness as you kneel before Him if sin is upon your soul. His eyes, then, penetrate into the depths of your soul and convince you of treachery. He bids you become clean.

Note the love in His glance when you have pardoned one who has injured you. The joy springing up in your heart is a proof of the grandeur of forgiveness. Note His look of approval as you pray for the conversion of sinners. Note His gratitude as you ask Him to release souls from Purgatory.

Take note of your soul's state when you are before the Blessed Sacrament and you will not the speed with which Jesus recompenses virtue.

~"Whisperings to God" Sweeney.

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